With the summer season just around the corner, it becomes necessary to be summer-ready not just for us but for our devices too. Each summer being increasingly hot every year, our devices are also bearing the heat of the season too. Since devices like laptops and smartphones already generate a lot of heat, the added burden from the surrounding heat can worsen the situation. At times, this can result in overheating laptops and they might start lagging in their function. Several other issues can also hamper the smooth functioning of gadgets such as- certain applications and software might start behaving weirdly, your laptop might switch off on its own, etc. Nobody wants to sit and burn up in a hot room; similarly, we can’t leave our device to experience the heat. Instead, under such conditions, a few necessary steps need to be undertaken to keep your laptop cool and running smoothly during the summer. Therefore, here are some tips to take care of your laptop in the summer.

Precautionary steps to keep your device stable:

· Seek shade:

Even if you are a nature enthusiast and love working in the natural ambiance by sitting outside on the balcony or lawn, prevent your laptop from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight heats your device and can hinder its working by damaging the components. Therefore, it would be smart to choose a place that is cooler and sheltered. As the device fan can only ward off inside heat but can’t provide relief from external heat.

· Utilize heat processor applications:

It is quite difficult to gauge the exact temperature that can pose to be unsafe and critical for the laptops. And CPU has chips that can get disturbed due to the heat. Since at present there are applications for everything and anything, we can utilize some of the available apps. These apps run a continuous background check on the temperature of the CPU and will warn the user if the condition becomes perilous.

Tips to take care of your laptop

· Clear out the background apps:

Certain apps such as social networking apps automatically connect to the internet to push notifications on the device. They use an excessive amount of RAM even when you are not using the device, which can, in turn, cause the laptop to heat up. Therefore, it is advised to switch off the automated background apps to keep your devices cool in summer. 

· Wait before you store:

We are always in a hurry to switch off and store away the laptops that we mostly avoid waiting for it to cool. All these actions result in the heat-trapping in the laptops which gets accumulated inside the padded unit instead of getting released into the air. These actions seem small but in the long run, may hurt the battery life as well as the device. Therefore, make sure to wait for the device to completely shut down and cool a lit bit before packing it away.

· Disable battery hoggers:

Each and everything that impacts the battery life of the device will cause it to overheat. This includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, and 4G connections, etc. Therefore, it is better to switch off these unwanted battery-draining features.

· Laptop cooling pad:

If your work-life includes excessive laptop usage, you can also buy a cooling pad. A laptop cooling pad will prevent the laptop from heating and reaching unsafe temperatures. Not only that, it has an elevated platform with built-in fans which provide superior cooling by lowering internal and external temperatures effectively.

· Avoid keeping laptops on lap, beds, and couches:

The heat generated by your devices can be uncomfortable and keeping laptops on lap and couches might unintentionally block the vents, resulting in device heat up. Since the fan is located beneath the keyboard plate, therefore, it will be beneficial to keep your laptop on a flat surface like tabletops. Further, increasing the gap between the surface and laptop by placing something like coasters will allow the air to escape.

Tips to take care of your laptop

· Keep the laptop fan clean:

If you are capable and aware of opening the backside of the laptop, you can clean the fan sometimes. By cleaning the fans, you can clear all the dust and dirt, which will enhance the fan speed and keep the laptop cooler.

· Using laptop cases and sleeves:

By using laptop sleeves and cases that are moisture and heat rated can keep the effective cooling of the device in check. It is suggested to protect the device not only at home but to put extra effort into providing care to your laptop outside the home.

· Avoid keeping your laptop inside the car or hugging it to sleep:

It is better not to keep your laptop inside your hot car. If, you have to do so then keep it completely turned off to ward off any imminent damage. Besides hugging and sleeping on your laptop can be quite dangerous. As our body generates heat which is enough to warm up the device. This situation might not be too good for you either.

Ultimately, you don’t need to spend a lot about understanding these basics. Just remember to give your laptop a regular break from rigorous work. Cooling helps in increasing the efficacy and effectiveness of the device. By changing certain habits, you can keep your laptop safe, sound and in great shape.