Courier delivery of groceries, clothes, medicines, furniture and other items was a promising type of business before, but in the context of the coronavirus, the relevance of this earnings has grown significantly. People can not or are afraid to leave their homes, but they still need many items that can be ordered online with delivery. The demand for the service is growing, which means that right now is a great time to open your own delivery service and make money on it.

Most popular business during coronavirus

The advantages of this business include a low investment threshold, the ability to quickly launch, and high profitability.

Turn, think over the delivery method – it is most convenient to hire couriers with your own car, but such delivery will cost more. If it is not possible to buy several cars for your business, consider the option of using couriers on bicycles – although they are inferior in speed to a car, it is fast, cheap, environmentally friendly and is quite suitable for short-distance delivery within the same city. Another intermediate option between a courier in public transport and a car is a small maneuverable bike.

You also need to think over your payment options and decide what exactly you will deliver. Delivery is now relevant for many cafes and restaurants, for which this is the only way to save their business, and for online stores, whose own delivery services cannot cope with the flow of orders. And if the business turns out to be successful, it can be easily scaled by organizing delivery not only around the city but also across the country and even around the world.

Profitable sites on the Internet can bring you from 35% per annum in dollars or euros. You can create such a site yourself from scratch or buy a ready-made one. This type of business has several advantages:

  • You can do it anywhere in the world.
  • income in a semi-passive mode does not require much personal participation. The texts are written by a copywriter, another specialist is responsible for the technical part.
  • You can start with small investments in foreign currency.
  • income depends little on the financial situation in the world. During periods of crisis, content consumption even increases (this is exactly what happens during the coronavirus when people are locked at home).

How you will receive income:

  • Contextual advertising (Google and Yandex)
  • Affiliate programs and promotional services like a tube biz
  • Lead generation
  • Share in business

Here are the best ways to avoid:

  • teaser ads,
  • direct ad sales,
  • link sales.

Texts that you upload to the site, hang on it for years, that is, the traffic is constantly going. More articles – more traffic and more income from the site. For inexpensive sites, it is unprofitable to assemble a team. Any user of Microsoft Word and Google. Docs can easily understand WordPress and will be able to post an article himself. All that remains is to resolve organizational issues, outsource two specialists (a copywriter and a programmer) and get money on the card.

Cleaning company

You can keep your home clean on your own, with the help of a housekeeper or a cleaning service. Cleaning conditions are in great demand today, especially in large cities. Before starting such a business, analyze your competitors, their pricing policy, what sector they operate in, and how much they meet demand.

Most popular business

There are different types of cleaning of premises:

  • daily and general cleaning,
  • cleaning after renovation,
  • for private clients and legal persons,
  • cleaning with dry cleaning and polishing of furniture.

To choose your specialization, it is important to analyze the market. Often, even the presence of competitors does not prevent you from starting your own cleaning company if they specialize in other types of cleaning or if the market is not yet satiated. 

Unlike people who offer individual cleaning services, cleaning companies do not have sick days and vacations, but they have professional workers and detergents to deal with any contamination. It is more convenient for large firms to work with a cleaning company and make payments officially to their bank account. It is easier to negotiate a cleaning time with them (often early morning or late evening). But private clients are increasingly choosing cleaning by a cleaning company.

Conducting online marathons

Online marathons are classes on a specific topic that are held on the Internet in a short time. Unlike master classes, which usually do not take place every day and which rarely last more than 2 hours, online marathons are characterized by increased intensity. Participants listen to broadcasts, complete tasks, and achieve a certain result.

Most popular business during coronavirus

Marathons are free and paid. With paid organizers and the presenter, they earn money, with free ones they get an audience of loyal customers, to whom they can then sell paid info-products.

The niches for online marathons are different. It is wise to choose a topic that you are well versed in. Popular topics:

  • work, earnings, freelancing, passive income, investments,
  • weight loss, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle, training.
  • relationships: how to find a soul mate, how to get married, how to overcome a crisis in a relationship, improve relationships with parents/children, etc.,
  • hobbies – any creativity, knitting, decorating, making desserts, decoupage, etc., esotericism and psychology – how to attract a man/money/success, increase the energy level, find out the power of the race,
  • success – how to achieve the goal, find out the purpose, etc.

The audience for marathons is attracted by free and paid ways.