No matter where you’re from or what you do, a good landline handset is a necessity in every home and all workplaces. Panasonic, with its pioneering technology and unrivaled performance, has been producing telecommunications devices for a long time, and many people trust the company around the world.

Following Panasonic Handsets prove that they have set new standards in 2020.

1- Panasonic KX-PRD262W Link2Cell Dock Style Cordless Handset

This iconic handset has a message waiting for an indicator, digital answering machine, and Smartphone integration. It is available in white color, having a frequency range of 1.92 GHz to 1.93 GHz, and it shows 60 channels in total. The phone incorporates DECT 6.0 technology and has one phone line. More than six handsets can be connected to the device.

The multicolored 1.8 inches LCD screen consists of Spanish and English languages. Simultaneous connectivity between mobile phones and handsets can take place. The device is charged by a USB port, and a stereo speaker is also joined. The battery is very strong, with a talk time of 10 hours and a standby time of 6 days. Function buttons for mute, speed dial, music, hold, and flash are added.

The redial memory of 5 numbers, Bluetooth technology, and speakerphone with 6 volume steps exists. Two hundred fifty unwanted numbers can be blocked easily. The caller ID memory is 50, and caller ID also shows. Additional features of a clock, talking ID alerts, intercom, alarm, and advanced alarm help you stay punctual. Intelligent Eco mode allows battery conservation to save power. Two handsets are included. Three thousand contacts can be saved in the phone book.

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2- Panasonic KX-TGF383M Link2Cell Cordless/Corded Phone

Panasonic Handset of 2020

This powerhouse includes an answering machine joined with three handsets and can even record a time of 18 minutes. The message waiting alert is shown in the form of visual and audio. An Android app designed for the phone gives you updates from social media such as new emails. The user can block 250 unwanted numbers from the Dedicated Call Block button. The LCD screen is bigger than previous models of 3.4 inches and can also be tilted upwards.

This wall-mountable phone has a noise reduction feature, baby monitor, battery power backup, Bluetooth connectivity, caller ID, belt clip, and 3000 numbers space in the phone book. More than 2 Smartphones can be connected, and talking ID alerts are given whenever messages are received. Incoming calls are announced. Call screening, conferencing, alarm, intercom, voicemail, call transfer, and silent mode are all offered.

3- Panasonic KX-TGF374S 1-Line Link2Cell 4 Cordless Handset

This single line phone system has one basic handset along with three additional cordless handsets. This system is expandable to 6 more devices. It uses the excellent DECT 6.0 and Bluetooth technology, which increases the reception range, minimizes interference with other networks and devices, protects the security with 64-bit encryption, and delivers the best sound quality.

For the first time, Panasonic has introduced the Night Mode, which mutes incoming calls for specific periods of time. The user can activate night mode before bedtime while connecting it to other devices. A speakerphone, 2.5 inches LCD screen, clock, alarm, 18 minutes recording time, backlit keypad, 3-way conferencing, 60 channels, and a key detector is installed in the phone. The caller ID memory is 3000, whereas 250 numbers can be blocked. Thirteen hours of talk time with 12 days of standby is more than enough.

4- Panasonic KX-TG9581B 2-Line Link2Cell Cordless/Corded Phone

This 2 line phone system is ideal for offices and businesses, and it can also hold 3-way conferencing without needing landline. The Outlook contacts can be synced by USB to make your business go smoother. It can be integrated with 4 Smartphones, and the system is expandable to 12 devices. The tone equalizer, DECT technology, and noise reduction highlight sound quality. One hour voicemails can be sent.

The power backup is solid, which uses two long-lasting AAA Ni-MH batteries and lets you use the device for 75 in outages. The large 3.5 inches LCD screen is adjustable from which you can quickly read all information. The phone is equipped with caller ID, call block, call transfer, and instant dialing. Receiving a message or notification on your Smartphone will also be shown on the phone. The key detector allows the searching of a phone when it is lost. A 15 hours talk time and seven days standby time is perfect for professional use.

5- Panasonic KX-TG9582B Expandable Link2Cell Cordless/Corded Phone

This is the most advanced Panasonic handset incorporating DECT 6.0 Plus technology. Call management is made super easy with the addition of another line, KX-TGA950B. More than 12 devices can be connected, and 3-way conferencing is given, which are outstanding qualities for workplaces.

A frequency range of 1.9 GHz is offered, and the caller ID memory is 200. Major highlights include 2.5mm headset jack, intercom, 1.8 inches LCD screen, 60 minutes digital answering machine, Bluetooth, ringer ID, and 2-line operation.


Make your communication more versatile and flexible with these Panasonic phones. You can check more new corded and cordless phones at FindHeadsets.