Email marketing is a matchless tool for business. So, what are the main reasons that app development companies use emails in their strategic marketing today?

  • Lead generation
  • Outreach opportunities
  • Turning prospects into customers

A few strategists might question their efficiency due to the rise of social media platforms. However, only true experts know its actual importance. According to Statista, the no. of emails globally is increasing. What does it mean? Digital marketers are more likely to continue getting profits by enhancing the email marketing process.

How to make an email campaign work

Betterment is always about asking questions. For instance, how to successfully run an email marketing campaign? What are the critical points to consider? Creating an effective email campaign examines answering a goal, targeting the correct group, creating an appropriate email structure, and interacting with your audience.

Email Marketing Campaign

Below are some tips to follow if you wish your email campaign to achieve the best possible results:

1. Have a clear goal

The first and foremost thing to make your campaign work successfully is by setting a goal. The better you ascertain your goal, the better it caters to your overall strategy. Therefore, ensure that it is SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

You can use an email campaign to boost engagement with the current subscribers, welcome new ones, re-boost sales, or enhance segmentation. Moreover, one can also send an email for link-building or cold emailing. Therefore, some might require CTA blocks, whereas the rest can be confined to amusing subject lines. Finally, the goal ascertains the email campaign structure. Hence, select the one and stick to it.

2. Gather & group contacts

No data – no campaign, right? To make an email campaign effective, you must do some research, collect adequate contacts, and make an email list. The best strategy depends on the database size you have. Thus, there are particular scenarios you must consider.

  • If you have just commenced your business and lack some contacts, database improvement is all you need. There are multiple ways to attain it. You may use an opt-in email strategy, ask for reviews, promote a lead magnet, hold an online contest, or gather emails offline.
  • Suppose it is a cold email operation, LinkedIn email finder, or any other finder can come in handy.

3. Know Your Audience

Dividing your audience is not adequate, as email marketing has communication at its core. And what makes it more effective? Knowledge of your audience!

Email Marketing Campaign

In such a scenario, one can use Google Analytics to describe insights about your subscribers. If your marketing efforts are more digital media-focused, then Facebook tools might make the difference. The knowledge of these insights can be motivating and give an idea of how to grab your reader’s attention.

Finally, if you still lack some data, find it manually. You can search a person’s profile & assess their hobbies or lifestyle. The email marketing process is always concerned with researching & experimenting.

4. Set your email: Personalization & Value

As you know some hobbies or interests of your audience, you can create your templates & emails. If a strong email campaign structure provides clarity, creativity guarantees engagement.

This suggestion is about the message being more attractive to the reader. Add more personalization and add value to it. Prospects can turn into your customers if they feel you fulfill their needs.

How to make email more personalized?


Improve subject lines

How frequently do you turn around when you hear your name? Often, right? The same applies to the email recipient. The research implies that if the email’s subject line has the recipient’s name, it’s more likely to be opened.

Moreover, add a grabber obtained from the recipient’s needs. For example, a person’s Instagram bio says: “Discount lover.” Include discount info in the line, and you are likely to receive a higher open rate in this campaign.

 Captivate attention

Make your emails interesting to your readers. How? It is not too difficult with some data you have. Use it to grab their attention into reading your email and render pertinent content. For instance, the vacation is ahead, and you know a person made some purchases from you. What should you do? Pick a group of contacts, create a template, write a caption, and add the goods that might be interesting to the recipient.

Apart from that, some witty sayings can add benefits. But, make your message concise and clear. A bunch of emails in an average email box is somewhat an issue. It reduces the attention span. Therefore, a marketer would require to blend conciseness & creativity.


Think of design

Email Marketing Campaign

Design is another part of an effective email campaign. One might consider it as an unessential detail. But, details often matter. Why? Above all, design makes your message unique. Furthermore, if the visual communication is superb, it appeals to the readers.

It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about the viewpoint of your products or services. If you feed in, you care. Therefore, ask designers to include a cute card behind your message and use a good-looking template. But, if it refers to B2B communication, ensure your email signature looks good. It enhances credibility & response rate.

Prepare follow-ups ahead of time.

Be prepared that several emails wouldn’t open at all. They might go directly to “Trash,” or prospects might forget to respond to you. Then, how to remind them? Prepare a follow-up sequence for your email marketing campaign. Two follow-up letters can be adequate.

At the same time, timing is essential. It is good to send the first follow-up email after one or two days and repeat the same process with the second one. Why the delay? Because bugging them can worsen your reputation. Eventually, remember to express the goal, add value, consider CTAs, grind your words.


Track results

Email Marketing Campaign

Finally, don’t forget to track your results. An effective campaign depends on several factors. To recognize the right ones might require some email tests. The different email campaigns can provide you insights on the open rate/click rate. Moreover, there is room for experiments on your template’s quality. Henceforth, whether successful or not, the email campaign provides you an essential lesson if you find time to reflect on its results.


These tips can help you understand how to run an email marketing campaign correctly. Don’t forget about the goal and your target audience, and the contact list. The first grants you an email campaign structure, whereas the second gives you engagement. And remember to update your database from time to time. The better you create, the better your campaign will be.