Great audios require the gear to make it a seamless experience. So if you are looking for good quality headphones that provide all the necessary technicalities at a great price point, These are the six best picks for professional quality.

The Need for Audio Mixing

In the simplest of terms, Audio Mixing refers to combining every recorded audio into one song while keeping in mind the relativity of one audio to another. It often involves adjusting audios, depth, and different audios’ speed until it is pleasant for the audience. One example could be to keep the volume of the vocals high enough so that the listener can comprehend it clearly, yet it does not overpower the music being played with it as its background.

Why Headphones for Audio Mixing?

Headphones for Audio Mixing

Once you have set your goal and want to create rhythm and beat to which your audience would want to start tapping their feet, the next question would be, ‘How would you determine the quality of your audio without professional gear?’ To answer the same, record labels and music companies use professional headphones while creating audios, as their features aid in clear and clean output. Worry not, as These are easily available to everyone online. That being said, deciding from a plethora of options can be quite intimidating. For that, one needs to know their requirements when searching for headgear for their music.

The Many Types of Headphones

The three main types of professional headphones are closed-back on-ear, open-back on-ear, and in-ear headphones, and each of these has an important utility factor. As the name suggests, closed-back earphones cover your ear completely, thus allowing an enhanced listening experience. In addition, audio spilling is minimal with closed-back earphones set, making audio mixing an efficient and easier process overall. Yet, one major con can be that they may be overwhelming to work with over long periods.

Open-back earphones solve the issue of longevity. Lighter than closed-back earphones on the ear, open-back earphones are another great option for audio Mixing and tracking. Along with effectively blocking out external audio (read noise), they also will let you work on your masterpiece for as long as you can without any possible issues. The third known type of earphones used professionally is in-ear monitors, often used during on-stage monitoring while performances and concerts. Thus, although great in their functioning, such types are not the best choice when you are mixing audio.

Parameters to Compare: What to look for in a pair of Headphones?

While going through the lists of many headphones recommended to you on the worldwide web, a good host would be to compare the Frequency Response and Impedance. Frequency Response is a parameter showing how good the audio is presented to you through the headphones, i.e., the lower lows and higher highs. A lower impedance level with a wider frequency response means that the headphones will require less power yet produce a higher quality result. Try these wireless bluetooth headphones that are cherry-picked by our top professionals.

Our Best 6 Picks

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250ohm

Classic closed-back headphones amongst the list of DT 770 headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250ohm, provides you with the best sound separation. A better sound separation will allow you to listen to every instrument clearly in your audio mix, resulting in faster adjusting, layering, and positioning. One slight shortcoming is with the bass, which is not as articulate as other headphones’ models in this series. However, most reviews deem it as a comfortable set to use for a fair amount of time in a physical aspect. A set of soft earpads also make it a great option for casual listening.

Audio Technica ATH M50x

Best Professional Headphones for Audio Mixing

Another great option for looking for an affordable set of closed-back earphones, the Audio Technica ATH M50x, gives you a portable, collapsible design, perfect for the ones who travel frequently. The earpads are made of leather, comforting just enough to use them for a decent amount of time. The design of the headphones allows them to be twisted. Thus you can listen through it with just one ear. In the technical aspect of the Audio Technica, it has a loud bass, which, although helpful, can sometimes overpower the midst of your audio.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250ohm

If you are looking for an open-back design, then the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250ohm will be a perfect match to add to your studio. The open-back design allows sound leaks intentionally,

resulting in a better, clear sound for the listener. Yet, the enhanced sound quality comes with a catch, as these won’t be preferable if you are planning to use your headphones while recording with a microphone. Depending on the microphone you are using, it may catch the audio which leaks from the headphones.

Sony MDR 7506

Best Professional Headphones for Audio Mixing

Considered as industry-standard headphones, the Sony MDR 7506 is a closed-back set giving an even sound spread of mids, highs, and lows, which can be great for monitoring and tracking vocals. However, the design is slightly on the cheaper side with low-quality earpads, yet it comes in the affordable range for producing great mixes.

Status Audio CB1

Another affordable closed backset is Status Audio CB1, with acceptable build quality and isolation. In addition, the earpads are more comfortable than the Sony MDR 7506’s design, thus providing longer working time at a get-go.

Neumann NDH20

If you wish to save up and invest in one of the best pairs of headphones out there, the Neumann NDH20 is the one you should be looking for. It not only provides you with almost perfect isolation but also bags up on comfort, making it a good choice for long mixing sessions. The design is made of steel and aluminum, giving a premium aesthetic touch. The earpads are comfortable enough and do not cause sweat to reside on your ears even after long hours of using them. The sound quality provides a subdued bass, thus good for audio Mixing.